July 18, 2024

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Refereeing procedure and editorial guidelines for publishing with RMR

All the articles published by the Review are first evaluated by two anonymous experts unconnected with the editorial staff (double-blind peer review), nominated by the Editor and the Editorial Committee.

As regards the other material in the review, this is evaluated by the editorial staff. Authors will be informed of the evaluation and any suggestions and corrections once the evaluation process has been completed.

The names of the external reviewers are published bi-annually on this website page.

Articles submitted for publication must conform with the following editorial guidelines:

1) The article must be sent in Word for Windows or compatible format by email to rmr@studivaldesi.org.

2) The article is evaluated by a double-blind peer review.

3) First name(s), surname, email address of the Author(s) and any comments regarding the article must be clearly indicated.

4) The article is to be accompanied by an abstract in Italian and an abstract in English of c. 1000 characters (including spaces) each. Reference to the Author has to be in the third person (“The Author maintains that…”).

5) At the end of the abstract, the Author will add six keywords that clearly indicate the main topics. The editor reserves the right to revise and/or add to the keywords.

6) The length of the article with notes and bibliography must not exceed 100,000 characters (including spaces).

7) Format for the text and quotation. 2 types of font are envisaged: ordinary (ro-man) and italics.

Italics should be used for uncommon non-Italian words.

To highlight words or phrases, the use of double quotes (“ ”) is preferable.

For textual quotations use French quotation marks (« »).

If the latter are longer than four lines, start a new paragraph or leave an empty line before and after the quotation (they are printed in smaller case). Incomplete

quotations should indicate the missing words by three suspension points between square brackets: (“Quel ramo del lago di Como, […] tutto a seni e a golfi”).

8) Bibliographical references included in the notes should indicate the surname of the Author(s), followed by one space and the year of publication of the edition quoted. Example: FREUD 1899, p. 73 or VOLTAIRE 1778, p. 58.

9) In the bibliography at the end, the texts quoted in the notes are to be listed in alphabetical order with the Author’s bulleted surname and first name(s) and each Author’s works shown in chronological order (for works published in the same year, use a, b, c – e.g. 1910a, 1910b, 1910c). The year is placed immediately after the Author’s surname and the initial of the first name, (FREUD S. 1910), followed by the title, place of publication, publisher and year.

If the Author has a middle name as well as a first name, the two initials must not be separated by a space (e.g. Bianchi G.A., Rossi P.F., Kernberg O.F.).

References to articles in periodicals will indicate surname and initial(s), the year in brackets and the name of the periodical between French quotation marks (« »), year number if given, issue number, and page numbers.

Where a work is by more than one author, all surnames are to be indicated.

Only works referred to in the article may be listed.

Where the year of the first edition is different from that of the one cited from, it should be indicated in brackets after the publisher’s name (e.g. ed. or. 1910). Otherwise, the year after the Author’s name at the front of the entry is sufficient.


– for monographic studies: Jalla J. 1982, Storia della Riforma in Piemonte fino alla morte di Emanuele Filiberto. 1517-1580, Firenze, Claudiana (ed. or. 1914)

– for works in more than one volume: VON PASTOR L. 1930, Storia dei Papi, Roma, Desclée, vol. XII

– for essays in reviews/periodicals: PASCAL A. 1920, Valdesi cattolizzati a Carmagnola, in «Bulletin de la Société d’Histoire Vaudoise», 41, pp. 23-39

– for essays in miscellaneous volumes: BOBBIO N. 1960, Due concetti di libertà nel pensiero politico di Kant, in Studi in onore di Emilio Crosa, Milano, Giuffré, pp. 219-235

– edited by one or more authors: Opuscoli e Lettere 1913, Opuscoli e Lettere di Riformatori Italiani del Cinquecento, a cura di G. Paladino, Bari, Laterza

– for conference proceedings: ENCREVE’ A. 2001, Le protestantisme français face à la Révolution de 1848, in La Bibbia, la coccarda e il tricolore. I valdesi fra due Emancipazioni (1798-1848), a cura di G. P. Romagnani, atti del XXXVII e del XXXVIII Convegno di studi sulla Riforma e i movimenti religiosi in Italia (Torre Pellice, 31 agosto – 1° settembre 1997; 30 agosto – 1° settembre 1998), Torino, Claudiana, pp. 321-348

– for articles from Internet sites:as for printed books and articles plus the wording “testo disponibile al sito: http://www…” and date when visited (last access 00/00/20..).

10)References to archives and/or manuscripts mentioned in the notes should be given as follows: Archive, Depository, Other series, c. xx. For example: Archivio di Stato di Venezia, Sant’Ufficio, busta 1, c. 1. If the archive is not Italian, indicate the country. For manuscripts, follow editorial guidelines (e.g. Firenze, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Fondo, Vol.1, c. 1.).

11) Any references to archives and/or manuscripts must come before the bibliography.

For further information, contact the editorial office at the email given above or visit the review’s homepage at www.studivaldesi.org.